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Happening @ Mandela

Event location: Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum

Event date and time: 27/09/2017 17:30:00

The School of Architecture invites you to the opening of the exhibition.

An international art project designed to bring attention to the fragile marine environment which is currently threatened by pollution, excessive fishing, and encroaching human development and industry. 

Nelson Mandela Art Museum

1 Park Drive, Port Elizabeth

on 27 September 2017 at 17:30 for 18:00 (Closes 19:30)

On the 06th of May, 11 artists and art collectives from 6 countries across the globe produced simultaneous art performances that focused on water environmental issues pertinent to each location.   These performances were recorded through photographs and videos for exhibition. 

Participating artists:

Benin, Ouidah: Flavia Vaccher

Croatia, Zadar: Jospi Zanki and Matija Zdunić

Italy, Venice: Davide Skerlj

Mexico, San Luis Potosí: Manolo Cocho with DRY collective group

South Africa, Port Elizabeth: Magda Minguzzi with Chief Margaret Coetzee, Chief Xam ≠ Gaob Maleiba

United States, Brookyn: Ethan Cornell, Justin Frankel, Megan Suttles, Jimi Pantalon, eXtll

The Nelson Mandela bay leg of this exhibition features an art performance produced by Magda Minguzzi in conjunction with the KhoiKhoi and KhoiSan community of the Nelson Mandela Bay.

The exhibition is hosted by the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum in celebration of the Heritage Month.

The exhibition ends on 30th November 2017

Contact information
Mrs Michelle Du Preez
Cultural Co-Ordinator
Tel: +27 41 504 2508